So I was heading down to a business networking event. I took the subway and was prepared to catch up on some personal journaling (I’ve been keeping a personal journal for many years and I try to write in it daily). I got my laptop out and started typing away. In the next minute, this woman and man come and sit perpendicularly next to me and start talking.

I thought nothing of it and kept typing but then I started noticing something strange. The woman was upbeat, full of energy and very friendly – qualities I find really attractive in people, in general, not just women. She was asking the man about his family life (he was obviously married) and seemed genuinely interested in him. For his part, the man was very unresponsive. Maybe he was tired or maybe he had a bad day, but he would answer her with these one word grunts or very short sentences and he wouldn’t ask her anything about herself. I thought that was strange – here was this very cute and friendly woman who was obviously making an effort to connect with him and he couldn’t care less – what a waste. Luckily, after about 2 subway stops the man got off and the woman stayed on. I just had to connect with her since I thought she was really friendly and open – and I really didn’t care if it would lead to anything.

So I asked her something about what she had been talking about with the man – she was telling him about a trip to Costa Rica she was on recently where she got quite sick. I forget exactly what I initially asked her but it was something related to that. And she was happy to tell me more about it. She seemed just as open and friendly with me as with her co-worker. So we spent the next 20 minutes or so having this great conversation – she told me she’s a teacher at a grade school and she’s just doing it for now until she figures out what career she wants to pursue full time. I told her about my business and what I do and we just had this really cool, easy conversation the entire subway ride to downtown. Eventually, as my stop was coming up I asked her where she was getting off and it turned out she was going to the same stop as I was to my meeting – another coincidence! So then I asked her for her number after prefacing it with the fact that I don’t usually do this. She willingly gave it to me but didn’t have a piece of paper to write it on. So I gave her my business card and she wrote in on the back. Turns out her name is Lucy and I told her I’d call her. We went our separate ways after getting off at the subway station together – me to my business networking meeting and her to her place.

What a great surprise – you wouldn’t normally think of the subway as a place to meet new people but since I recently made the decision to become more open to meeting people, it’s amazing what the universe opens up for you.