It’s amazing how the world opens up to you once you make a decision on something. A couple of days ago I wrote how I met this woman on the subway. Well today, I was also on the subway and just looking around at the people around me.

Many seemed to be depressed/gloomy or just bored. I noticed this cute woman standing about 20 feet away from me. Now, in previous times I would just continue standing where I stood and maybe glance at her once in a while. This time, however, I was feeling more curious/open/friendly so I made my way over closer to where she was standing. The subway was crowded so it’s not like she’d notice this one guy getting closer to her – a move that would probably make her nervous. I wasn’t necessarily trying to start a conversation with, but just to see if I could do things differently than in previous times and have some fun in the process. We exchanged a couple of glances but I didn’t get any vibes from her like she was interested. After all, it was a crowded subway, she was standing and so was I so the situation wasn’t totally conduscive to a good conversation. After a couple of stops she got off and that experiment ended. Ah well, it was still fun to try!

So then I continue standing and this guy next to me bumps into me accidentally and apologizes. It was no big deal and I made some joke about it. Next thing I know I’m having this conversation with this guy. He tells me about what he does, I tell him about what I do, we share some laughs and after about 10 minutes of this unexpected exchange he gets off at his station.

As he left, I thought to myself how we men have this narrow view on dating. How meeting women to most men is going to a singles event or a bar or going to an on-line dating site. My opinion is that dating is just a special case of the more general idea of meeting people. You can meet people in all kinds of places as long as you expand your thinking. So sure, I might not have met that woman I was initially interested in but I ended up meeting a guy and still had a more fun time on the subway than most of the people there. And these kinds of encounters will serve us guys well when we date.