After my decision from a few weeks ago to stop living like a monk (so I can be fully devoted to my work) and get out there to meet women, I reconnected with Angela. Now, Angela and I went on about 3 dates a year ago. We made out a few times but things didn’t go beyond that.

After the 3rd date, she wanted to end the romantic phase of our relationship and told me she didn’t have any romantic feelings for me. But she was very insistent on us continuing to be friends because she had a really great time on our dates. I was fine with her decision – I thought she was nice and I certainly enjoyed our kissing, but I wasn’t sure if I saw long term potential with her and her decision wasn’t a big disappointment for me. I also thought that it was so cliche to say you want to be friends with someone after ending a dating relationship that I didn’t give much weight to her sentiment. Well, it turned out she was serious! She initiated contact with me many times (mostly on MSN) and we got together a handful of times and hung out platonically. I hadn’t really kept in touch with her over the last few months so I thought I should reconnect with her.

We arranged to get together at a Starbucks close to my place and my mindset for this meeting was simple – I wanted to find out what she’s been up to and reconnect with her. That’s it. Honestly. We ended up having a blast just catching up, sharing stories from the last year and really having a great evening. I learned that at the time we dated last year, she was in a really bad spot emotionally. She had recently ended a long term relationship and she now feels she wasn’t ready to date at the time we dated. This is a perfect example of my theory that women will often say they’re not interested in guys and it could have nothing at all to do with the guy.

She mentioned that her dad posted these movies onto Google Video that I might be interested in because they’re about the city of my birth. She said she could show them to me. I thought that was a great idea so I asked her if she wanted to do that now and she said sure. So we come back to my place and we have a great time looking at the movies.

Afterwards we just started talking and I could feel the sexual tension increase – she was definitely not interested in leaving and kept talking about random things. I was waiting for that “kissing moment” when you know it’s just right. I was waiting for her to just quiet down so I can just go for the kiss. But she wouldn’t stop talking! After a few minutes of this I just blurted out “are we gonna kiss or what?!” OK, that wasn’t totally smooth but I was getting kinda frustrated because I was pretty sure she wanted to kiss but was nervous and I knew that I wanted to kiss but she wouldn’t stop talking so I could initiate. Anyway, it all paid off because she totally quieted down and got this look in her eyes that said to me she was ready for kissing. And that’s how it happened – we ended up kissing and making out for the next couple of hours as we listened to my song collection of slow, romantic music.

This was one of those serendipitous endings to a great evening. I would have been perfectly happy if we had ended the evening before coming to my place but that was just the icing on the cake. So I don’t know where things are going to go with Angela. But I do know that I just love those magic moments before you first kiss someone – when you feel that sexual tension and know what’s coming and feel the anticipation and energy.