So two days ago I wrote how I had a surprise make out with a friend of mine after catching up for coffee at Starbucks. I thought about what to do about this. I got the sense she (Angela) wants to get serious with me, which at this point I’m not really sure I want to do. She ended up calling me late last night (after midnight) just to see what I was up to and she asked to get together tonight. So we’re going out tonight to a movie.

I really thought I should be upfront with her and not lead her on. So I told her today (after we picked the movie) that I’m not interested in a serious relationship right now because I’m fully devoted to my business. I told her that I’m happy to hang out with her and that doesn’t mean that we have to continue to fool around. I also told her that I understood if she’s not comfortable with that and doesn’t want to spend any more time together.

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone… really long… after a while she said “ok”. I asked her if she was looking for something serious and she said she was. She said the situation has been reversed from the time we briefly dated a year ago. At that time, she wasn’t ready for something serious because she was still recovering from her break up over a long term relationship. I’m not so sure I was looking for something serious with her – at that time (early to mid 2006) I was in serious dating mode – trying to get out there and date as much as I could and get over the end of my own long term relationship which ended at the end of January 2006.

She seemed dissapointed with the news. She said our evening this week had a big impact on her and that my letter to her the following morning had a lot of truth in it – particularly the last part. I think she was really hoping for us to start seeing each other seriously.

Here’s the email I wrote to her the morning after our get together:


Hi, Angela. I have one word for last night – wow.

Just wanted to say I had a really great time reconnecting with you and seeing how your life has evolved since the last time I saw you. I think you’re in a great place and I’m really happy for you.

And, of course, the “surprise” afterwards was a wonderful way to end the evening. I feel like you have all this passion inside you that was waiting to get released – it’s a beautiful thing.

So I’m off to the movies with Angela.