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I was talking to a good friend of mine yesterday and he tells me he bumped into my ex-girlfriend the other night at a dance club.

“How did she look?” I ask, trying to unsuccessfully sound like I don’t care.
“Pretty good,” he replies.
Damn. She was a fine looking woman and I never lost my attraction towards her.
“Was she with someone?” I ask, again sounding more concerned that I should be.
“She was with a girlfriend,” he answers.

So I guess she’s still single. When I think about it, we were so not right for each other. But we were together for almost 4 years and lived together 1.5 years. At one time in my life I thought she was The One. My friend mentioning her today made me think of those happy times we enjoyed when we first got together – like life was getting better and better and everything felt so right.

I haven’t talked to her since we broke up 7 months ago and I felt like I was truly over her. And yet one mention of her and some stupid thoughts come back in my head like maybe I should contact her. I’m not going to follow these thoughts but it just reminded me how much I crave that feeling of finding the right woman again.


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