Here’s what looks like a real interaction of an Australian guy trying to do what I was trying to do the other day – starting a conversation with an attractive woman in a public setting. Sounds pretty easy, but I think that for a lot of guys out there (me included) there’s a fear or block about approaching women that we don’t know. As you might already know, this is a habit I’m developing for myself.

The most interesting part of the video is the beginning – how he starts the conversation. Hats off to this guy for actually doing it. Fair warning, though, the rest of the video is kind of boring – they mostly talk about mundane things. Also, the sound sometimes goes off.

A couple of observations:

He’s not really joking around much and is way too serious. I’m sure he’s nervous (I would be, too), but come on, this is supposed to be fun! Also, he’s asking for the girl’s number within a couple of minutes of meeting her – does he even know if he likes her as a person? Why not talk and joke around with her and get to know her before asking for her number? The ironic thing is that at the end of the video I get the sense that they don’t have that much in common and I didn’t feel a great connection between them. But the important part is that he actually did it – good job, mate!