As I mentioned in a previous post, I ran into a really hot neighbor of mine the other day at a Starbucks coffee shop while she was on a date with someone and I had no way of getting her number. I talked to her today and we’re supposed to go out in a few days.

After the last time I ran into Eve, I wondered how I could contact her again without having her number. Then I got the idea that I would call her from the directory of our building where it lists everyone’s name. I didn’t know her last name so I was hopping that her first name would be shown in full and not just an initial. I got lucky – I found her name. I called her from the directory three times – she wasn’t home all those times. Finally on the third time, I decided to leave a message and asked her to call me back because I wanted to ask her something. She called me back today and we set up a date for later this week – at the same Starbucks coffee shop where I ran into her last time. I asked if she was on a date with the guy that I saw there and she confirmed that she was. I asked if it was her first date and she said it was their first and last date. Yes!

I’m stoked about seeing her but a little nervous. It’s ironic that I’m a lot less nervous around women I’m not that attracted to and that ironically makes me more attractive to them. With women I find very or extremely attractive, I have this problem of psyching myself out and not being as chilled out as I normally am. This is a big reason why I started this whole picking up women experiment in the first place.

In other news, I’m being setup with two other women. It’s just amazing how the universe is opening up all these possibilities to me after I made my decision to start dating again. My sister has a friend who wants to set me up with someone and I’ve got another setup from another friend. I don’t want this to get ridiculous and I’m trying to be easy going and relaxed about it all and not put too many expectations on any one date/woman. I gotta admit, though, that Eve, (my really hot neighbor) has got me very excited.