Last night I went on a half-blind date with Cassandra. She’s definitely not Mrs. Right and not even Mrs. Right Now.

This is the woman I wrote about in an earlier post who asked what zodiac sign I was and then proceeded to tell me that my sign tends to be selfish. We got introduced through mutual friends of friends and it just so happened that she saw my pictures but I never saw hers. So that’s why I call it a half blind date. I got the vibe after we spoke on the phone a few times that Cassandra was somewhat bossy, domineering and very opinionated. My date today confirmed all these traits about her.

The thing that struck me most about her was her negative attitude. She was constantly commenting on how she hates this and that and she made a lot of negative remarks about groups of people and places, which I found offensive.

Since I didn’t know what she looked like, we agreed to meet in the parking lot of the coffee shop. She told me the car she drives so I could find her easily. When I found her, she was on her cell phone talking to a friend. I came inside the car and she continued to talk for another minute while I just sat there in her car waiting for her to finish. That started the date off on a bad note. Up to that point, I was pretty upbeat and curious about how the evening would turn out – feeling open to sharing and connecting with someone new.

I guess I should describe what I thought of her physically, since I finally got a chance to see her. In a nutshell, not much. She was average to below average looking. The thing, though, is that I would have been totally open to being platonic friends with her if I sensed she was a more positive and genuine person. In fact, after the initial disappointment of her physical appearance, I was still very willing to continue with the date and try and connect with her so we could have a great time just talking and possibly becoming friends. But she proved too negative to warrant even a friendship.

While we were talking in the coffee shop, she made a reference to all people from our country (where she herself has been living for 18 years) and how they’re all dumb and clueless about the world around them. I found this quite offensive especially since I consider myself part of this group because I’ve been living here for most of my life (I immigrated with my family when I was a small boy). But also, it showed me that she doesn’t consider herself part of the people of this country – she considers herself an outsider. Normally, I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but she uses that outlook to be condescending of the people that are more integrated into this country. Big turn off.

She also judged me by saying that I wasn’t spending enough time with my parents and advising me that I see them more often. Now, I see my parents about once a week, but that’s not the point – it shouldn’t matter if I see them once a year. She could have made her suggestion in a more polite, friendly way. Instead, I felt like she was telling me how I should be living my life, as if she knows best. Big turn off!

She constantly bemoaned how she hates living in this country – and she’s lived here for about 18 years! She doesn’t like the weather, the people, the building her parents moved to when they moved to this country. OK, we all have our problems in life, but this is supposed be a date where you have fun, enjoy yourself, chill out and connect with someone. I just felt like she was a total downer – like she was draining my positive energy and enveloping me with her negative energy. Big turn off!

I told her I lived for a few weeks in a city of her birth country. I told her a personal story of how I lived in that city for a few weeks and found the experience uplifting and inspirational. Well, she had to express her negative opinion again and say how she never liked that city. She went on and on about how she has no connection to that city and she doesn’t like it and how she feels at home in other cities. So much for connecting and trying to understand each other. Do I need to keep saying it – big turn off!

After about half an hour, I was sure I didn’t want to see her again – ever. Lucky for me, she was the one that suggested she had to get home for dinner early so I didn’t have to be the one to wrap things up. We went outside and said our good byes – I’m not into making empty promises of “I’ll call you” so I didn’t say anything about a future meeting. I was debating whether to tell her I didn’t think this was going to work out but I just left it as is, hoping she felt the same way. She didn’t say anything about a second meeting and neither did I so I think we both mutually understood this isn’t going to work.

I really felt her energy was not good for me. It’s like I felt a little dirty or contaminated after our date and wanted to cleanse myself by going running and being friendly to people – which is exactly what I did.