There’s nothing to get the weekend started right than getting back to the pickup game. Well, I guess, it would be better if I actually got my first successful pickup but I’m limiting my expectations while I’m in this learning mode (which might last a while).

I tried out another bookstore last night. This one wasn’t as busy as the last one I tried but it’s closer to my place so I wanted to see how things would go there. There’s a Starbucks attached to it and I came in through the coffee shop to see if there might be someone there I could approach. I spotted an attractive woman sitting by herself, working. I didn’t feel comfortable just coming up to her right away and approaching her. I wanted some time to browse the aisles and see who I can approach in a less intrusive setting.

As I’m walking by the aisles I spot a group of three women sitting on the floor and reading together. They’re in the self-help section and one of the three is reading out loud to the other two. They’re all nice looking – not gorgeous, but not ugly either. I’m intrigued. This is a perfect opportunity, even though I’ve never approached three women at a time before. I go into their aisle and start to peruse the books on the shelf, while moving closer and closer to where they’re sitting. As I get closer I get a glance of the book all three are reading – Why Men Love Bitches. Wow… I heard of this book from a female friend of mine and how it changed her life and I’m surprised that this women’s book club has gathered here in front of me.

They look up as I get closer and they get a little self-conscious. After all, they’re reading about men and how to behave around them and here I am – a lone man, listening in on what their guru is telling them to behave with members of my “species”. It was actually easy to open with them – they noticed me and stopped talking and I just wanted to put them at ease. So I just said something like “go on, don’t let me stop you from reading that”. They laugh nervously but I can tell at least one of them is intrigued. We then somehow start talking – mostly about the book. They’re eager to talk to a male especially after reading about how to behave with one. I’d say they’re in their early 20s so they’re a little young for me but I figure it’s all good fun to practice. We transition talking about the book to a little bit of personal stuff. They ask me if I’m a doctor, which I thought was a strange question – do I really come off like that? I tell them I’m not. They later ask me if I’m a therapist and I say I’m not. Inside I’m wondering if I really give off that “too intellectual” vibe. I tell them I’m not a therapist and I tell them what I do. I ask them what they do and one of them tells me she’s studying to be a therapist and the other tells me she’s studying to be a lawyer. I’m wondering if they’re pulling my leg so I speculate, before the third one can answer, that she’s a diamond dealer. They laugh and I’m wondering if they’re mocking me but I continue the interaction.

There’s one of them that I find the most intriguing and I even tell her at one point that I think she’s a very intuitive person who’s very in tune with her feelings. It’s honestly what I feel and it’s not a line. She takes it well and reciprocates by telling me she thinks I have good intuition about people. I can feel there’s a connection happening with her. This is after she shared with me that she’s somehow involved with a married man and she doesn’t know if he’ll leave his wife. Oh, and he has 4 kids. I’m not really sure if she’s telling me the truth but I go along with it anyway since we’re all just having fun talking.

One of the other women, though, is eager to get going and has mentioned on a couple of occasions during out talk how they shouldn’t be out on a Friday night at a bookstore and that she has plans to go out and how they should get going. So after about 10-15 minutes of having this spontaneous conversation with them, they start to excuse themselves and head out. This is where having a wingman with me would pay off – he could have occupied the one that wanted to get going while I kept talking with the one I was connecting with.

But alas, I had no wingman tonight so I said good-bye to them and they walked out of my life.

Things I learned

  • Approaching a group of three women in a bookstore setting was relatively easy since they were all sitting down in an aisle and discussing a book – that gave me something to open with.
  • My mood was better after the interaction. I felt better and I think they did, too. This is despite me not getting anybody’s number nor a date. It was the fact that I approached them and started the interaction that made me feel better and not what happened afterwards.