After my last pick up attempt I was eager to see if I can strike up another conversation with a woman in the same bookstore. I started to walk around the store and spotted a cute Asian woman by the bargain books section. I made my way over and started looking at some books, a few feet away. I noticed she was wearing headphones as she was browsing books, which I can’t help but think must be distracting, but hey, whatever works for you.

I opened with “Anything good here?” She took out her headphones and answered in a friendly way that she hasn’t found anything worthwhile. She doesn’t say much else to get a conversation going so I ask her about her music player and whether it’s an iPod. She says that it is. I ask her if she doesn’t find it distracting to look at books while she’s listening to music and she curtly answers that no it doesn’t bother her. She’s not really smiling or intrigued in any way. She does have her headphones off and she’s not putting them in but I can tell she’s not that open to interacting. Ah well… after a few seconds she excuses herself and goes off with friends that accompanied her to the store.

Things I learned

  • It’s getting relatively easier to start talking to women that are perusing books. It’s socially acceptable to be perusing books beside them.
  • You can ask them about what they’re reading as a way to start the conversation.
  • Getting rejected isn’t that bad. As in past pick up attempts, I felt better just for initiating the interaction, even though none of them have panned out in a date or phone number yet.