I work from home so it’s quite easy for me to barricade myself inside my place and not be in physical contact with anyone the entire day. That’s great when I want to concentrate on some work item, but it’s not so good if I want to continue meeting new women regularly. That could explain why I often find it difficult to suddenly start being open and friendly when I go out for an evening – like the time when I picked up Anna at the bookstore.

I’ve recently started getting out of my house in the mornings and just having a short walk around my neighborhood and saying hello to people that I pass by. I give myself about 15 minutes and make it a point to say hi to at least 5 people I pass by. It’s simple, there’s no risk of rejection, and I find it gets me into a more upbeat and social mood – the right mindset when I’m out meeting women.

I found that this simple procedure helped me already. At the end of my run a couple of evenings ago, I walked by the Starbucks coffee shop and spotted a cute female neighbor of mine (not Eve). I confidently went into the coffee shop and said hi to her and we had this really nice chat and flirted, too. Going out that morning and saying hello to people I met on the street helped me be more social and confident later in the day.