This is the second part in a 2 part series of how I picked up 2 women in one day. The first part is here.

So after I managed to pick up Jennifer, I continued running back home. I didn’t feel like I had to prove anything – I was just feeling happy, serene, relaxed. Ironically, that’s when I find I do better with picking up women. The less desperate you are for any one woman, the more attractive you are to her.

I stopped running about 500 yards before reaching my building and started walking. As I’m getting ready to turn into the driveway to my building I thought I noticed an attractive woman walking towards me. I didn’t pay her any attention, though, and just continued walking towards the building entrance. But then I hear this “tap, tap, tap” behind me. OK, now I’m curious, so I turn around and it’s the woman. So she turned into my building’s driveway, too. I’m honestly not thinking I’m going to pick her up and I just want to have some fun by joking around and talking to her.

As I’m turned around I say something like “Tap, tap, tap. That’s all I hear behind me so I had to turn around and look.” She just smiles warmly and says, “Yeah, it’s my shoes.” I say, “Are you a tap dancer or something?” She just laughs and says no and I ask her if she’s coming back from work. She replies that she is coming back from work but then tells me a bit more about the nature of her job which makes me want to ask her more questions. So we continue this spontaneous conversation all the way to the elevator. Normally, I would do my stretches in the exercise room on the first floor but since I’m talking with this attractive woman, I figure I’ll just go in the elevator with her and continue the conversation and then come back to do my stretches.

Turns out she doesn’t live in the building and is house sitting for a friend for a month. Perfect. Last thing I need is to start dating more of my neighbors and get some kind of reputation in my building. I’ve already gone out with one hot neighbor and there’s another neighbor that I started flirting with – that’s quite enough for me.

We continue talking and it’s all very friendly and casual. I was planning to ask her out in the elevator but I run into a problem – another neighbor walks into the elevator (older lady walking her dog) just as the two of us are about to go up. I thought it would seem awkward to ask her out in front of this other lady. The cute girl is only going to the second floor and as she gets out of the elevator I think for a split second to come out of the elevator and just ask her out in the hall, after the elevator closes. But I thought that would be too weird so I just smile and say good-bye to her as she’s leaving. Damn it.

I go back to the exercise room to do my stretches and then I get this crazy idea – what if I tried knocking on her door directly so I could ask her out today instead of waiting till we might bump into each other again. Yes! I feel this rush of excitement – like I’m some kind detective who’s going to look for the right door to knock on.

I quickly finish up my stretches and head up the stairs to the second floor. I knew she got off on the 2nd floor but I’m not sure which unit she went into. However, I remember which way she turned as she left the elevator so I can narrow down the choices to one half of the second floor. Only about 8 or so units on that side so I figure I have a decent shot if I try a few. I go to one end and start knocking on the doors. Sometimes I get no answer, which is nice since it prevents an awkward interaction. But more often than not I get a “who’s there?” from behind the door and the only half-decent response I can think of is, “It’s your neighbor”. Sometimes they open the door and sometimes they just ask “What do you need?” and I have to reply with a really awkward question, “Were you just in the elevator?” I tried about 5 or 6 units and it’s getting kind of embarrassing and I’m really close to just giving up. I decide to knock on one last unit and if it’s not hers to just forget it and throw in the towel. A young woman answers the door but it’s not the one I talked to. I just say “Hi, were you in the elevator just now?” and she replies that she wasn’t. Damn it. I just say, “OK, thanks.” and start walking away.

But as I’m walking away, I hear the sound of another woman and as I turn around the girl I talked to in the elevator comes out into the hallway with this quizzical look on her face. Yes! Found her! I go back to her and just say something like, “Hi, I didn’t get a chance to talk more to you in the elevator so I wanted to come back and ask you… if you wanted to hang out sometime.” The original woman that opened the door is standing there and witnessing all of this take place and eventually excuses herself to go inside so we can have a moment by ourselves. After her friend goes back inside, she asks me in this amazed tone, “How did you know where I live?” After all, she never told me her unit. I forget what I said but I don’t think I recounted my whole adventure to find her. I’m sensing there’s a curious interest from her. She was friendly downstairs when we first started talking and I think she was pleasantly surprised by my appearance. She says she’d be up for getting together and we exchange a few more words. She tells me her name, Amber, and we spend about a minute talking further. But before we can talk further there’s some sound from the kitchen and she tells me that she can’t talk right now because of her dinner cooking duties. I tell her I have to go now, as well, but ask her what’s the best way to get in touch with her. She scribbles her email address on a scrap of paper and hands it to me and we say good-bye.

So when I got home from my run, I had 2 women’s numbers (well, 1 email and 1 number). I felt happy, relaxed and alive! This has never happened to me before. It’s like I’m feeling the world open up with opportunities.

Things I Learned

  • Not caring about the outcome really helped me be more relaxed. I had already picked up Jennifer earlier on my run and I wasn’t out to prove anything. I just wanted to start a conversation with Amber and had no intention of picking her up. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – women seem to respond better when I don’t care how they respond. The less I care whether they say yes or no when I ask them out, the more they seem to say yes (or want to say yes). It’s one of those weird paradoxes in life.
  • I should have come out of the elevator when Amber got to her floor. I would have saved myself the trouble of finding her unit and I could have asked her out sooner. I cared too much about it looking weird but then I ended up knocking on a bunch of other people’s doors anyway, which wasn’t any less weird.
  • Picking up women is really just being more social and friendly with people in general. It’s better to focus on being friendlier with everyone and women will pick up on that. I think my daily morning pick up practice and saying hello to people when I run has helped me be more social in general.