As I mentioned in my last post I had 4 dates (all with different women) set up for the upcoming week and I felt like they all had potential to turn into a serious relationship. Here’s a quick update:

Woman #1 stood me up. Well, technically she cancelled about half an hour before we were supposed to meet. She called me in a distressed voice saying she wasn’t going to be able to make it. I was a little… um… surprised. I asked her if everything was OK but she didn’t want to get into it. She said she’d call me back but never did. Man, that was quite rude. After getting over the initial disappointment I felt happy that this woman showed her true colors so quickly – that she’s a flake that doesn’t have her sh*t together. This is someone that a friend of mine set me up with so it was going to be a blind date.

Woman #2: we had an amazing date – really really connected. Definite attraction there. We went for a long walk in a park, then grabbed a bite to eat, then she invited me home to her place – and nothing happened. I didn’t want to make this into another opportunity to get some “action”. That’s not where I’m at these days. We just hung out and talked and connected even further at her place. A really great date and we made plans to go out again next week.

Woman #3: had a really good date with her, as well. Didn’t connect with her as deeply as with Woman #2 because Woman #3 is more introverted and cautious when meeting new people. But we definitely have common interests and the physical attraction is there. We did a lot of bantering – all that bantering from pick up practice comes in handy in situations like this. We also made plans to see each other next week.

Woman #4: haven’t gone out with her yet but we’re confirmed to get together in a few days.

I feel pretty good but I’m a little stressed about the “what if” scenario – what if I end up really liking more than one woman and won’t be able to choose. Sure, some people might think this isn’t a bad problem to have but it’s got me a little worried. I’ve already set up second dates with Woman #2 and #3 and this is before I’ve gone out with Woman #4.

Overall, I’m quite happy that I’ve now got choices with women of this calibre. I would call the women I’ve recently gone out with “high quality” women – i.e. physically attractive, share my background, share my values. I think I’m heading in the right direction.