OK, I seem to have attracted enough curiosity and a bit of a following that some of you have started wondering why I haven’t posted for so long. My last post was over 2 months ago and I didn’t even write any explanation of why I would go on a hiatus. Let me take this opportunity to explain…

I ended up meeting someone and things got serious. In fact, I really thought she would be the Mrs. Right for me. She was one of the women that I met in my dating frenzy from a few months back. Anyway, we really hit it off and I thought I would retire the Dating Guy (it was never my intention to be a constant dater). But, alas, things didn’t go as planned. The issue? She wasn’t as into me as I was into her! So here I was, after all the practice of approaching women that I had done from April to June, feeling pretty hurt and emotionally vulnerable – in a way that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Don’t get me wrong – we had a lot going for us – we were very compatible and had a great time with each other. She even told me that I was perfect for her and I’m everything that she was looking for. But she couldn’t explain this feeling she had that made her hesitate about going further with me emotionally. I tried to wait for her to come around, but after numerous attempts, I just felt that this issue would keep haunting us and we broke up. She still very much wants me in her life but I haven’t decided yet if I want that.

And yes – I did tell her about the blog – but I didn’t tell her about the URL. I told her about my Approaching Women Challenge – I was very open with her. She was very cool about it, which made me like her that much more. I just didn’t feel that it would be appropriate to post my ongoing dating life details about someone I was seriously involved with. Hence the silence from me in the last couple of months. I apologize to the people that were beginning to wonder if I’ve disappeared from the blogosphere without bothering to even say a proper good bye. I was just waiting to see how things would pan out with us.

So, I’m back to the single life again. Sigh… It’s been about a week and a half since we broke up and I think I’d like to start getting out there soon. I’m seriously thinking about starting to approach women again. In fact, I tried to do it again recently but found it more difficult than before – I’m out of practice! Yes, I must admit, this is NOT like riding a bike. At least not in the beginning. I want to get comfortable (and stop caring again) starting conversations with women in public. I haven’t decided if I’m going to make a new challenge for myself.

Approach #52 – Bookstore

I went to a bookstore tonight and tried to start conversations with women there. I only managed to start one. The rest I hesitated on and didn’t do anything. And the one that I started wasn’t that great. I went to the cooking section and asked a women there if she was reading anything interesting. She said she was really into cookies and was reading a cookie recipe book. I asked her if she’s obsessed with cookies (perhaps not the best question to ask a woman – since many are very weight conscious) and she said she was, but began to slowly walk away from me. A few seconds later I noticed a guy join her so she was obviously there with someone. Ah well… you gotta start getting back on the horse somehow – this was my first approach in over 2 months! I think I’ll start to get back in the groove as I keep getting out there again.

I feel that I need to get back into my former headspace because that’s what caused the abundance of high quality women to come into my life last time – and this was without any Internet dating. I felt confident, relaxed, loose, etc. And I want to feel that way again before I seriously start dating again. I want to get back into the headspace that really worked well for me last time – and find Mrs. Right.