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I met up the other night with a new friend of mine for a beer at a local bar. This guy is one serious pick up artist. He told me about his recent vacation where ended up sleeping with 4 women in a course of a couple of weeks. Not too shabby – I’m not sure I want to be exactly that, but I really admired his tenacity of approaching women in all kinds of situations and of not caring what they thought. I felt like I was in the presence of a someone a lot more skillful than me in this area and I just soaked it all in – listening to his stories and advice.

I told him about my recent break up and his advice was simple – get out there and start dating/interacting/sleeping with more women. His philosophy is simple – by dating and sleeping with a lot of women he’ll eventually find the one that “sticks” and the one that he’ll settle down (not settle) with.

We were at a bar but there weren’t that many attractive women to approach there so we just continuing chatting. It was getting a little chilly and the bar put out these really cool heat lamps that emanate a warmth from them. I was really drawn to the lamp and got up to stand close to it. It just so happened that next to the lamp was a table where a guy and a very cute girl were sitting. It didn’t look like they were a couple – just friends. The girl looked up at me as I came over to stand by the heat lamp and I opened with something really simple like “man it’s cold here – and it’s so nice to stand by this lamp”. She responded really well by saying how where she’s from the winters aren’t as bad as here. Then we started talking and bantering about the weather and how we were both originally from he same part of the world. I talked a little bit with the guy, too, and it was like I had this instant connection with a complete stranger just from standing by a heat lamp.

After about five minutes of talking to her I excused myself and went back to my table to join my friend. Later on, as we were leaving the patio, she waved good-bye to me and I said bye to her. Pretty cool spontaneous interaction. I feel like I’m getting more and more back into the swing of things 🙂


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